We entered this business to enhance our daily lives through technology. Our passion is in building the tools that shape our future and change the world. We love to discover, innovate, and build relationships through technology. We have been providing our software development services in the public and private sector alike for the last 15 years with no end in sight.


Software can make or break productivity. It can be a helping hand or an unnecessary source of frustration. Out of the box software rarely comes with all the features you need, you deserve custom software to call your own.

If you have an idea, if you need a fix, or if you want to augment what you already have, this is the place to get it done. We create, modify, and enhance enterprise level software solutions so they work for you.

We take a technology agnostic approach in our development process so we can provide the right product at the right time for the right price. We don't draw a line in the sand and refuse new ideas or methods. We use an Agile development framework that keeps us on track, keeps you informed, and allows for flexibility.

If a feature isn't complete we won't rest until it's resolved, and we're always happy to go back to the drawing board to implement new items or alter existing ones.


We understand the risk involved with developing new software, but with Slick Development your project is in good hands. We give clear expectations and set reasonable milestones so we're all on the same page. We pride ourselves on responsibility and open communication which is why you can contact us anytime, day or night. You need a fix at 1 am? You got it.

Our coding professionals cut their teeth at companies like Microsoft and Apple and have experienced first-hand the responsibility and pressures of working with enterprise level code. We treat each project with the same level of care, expertise, and know-how you would find down the road at Microsoft's headquarters.


Bugs are a fact of life in the software world which is why QA testing is woven into our development process. We used phase based development so we can identify existing or potential problems before they make it to your users. The more QA testing we do, the less time we spend correcting past mistakes. We clean up as we go so your launch goes off without a hitch, and if something does go wrong? We fix it.


Bellevue, WA
10900 NE 8th St Suite 1000
Bellevue, WA 98004

E : sales@slickdevs.com
P : (425) 243-7083
W : http://www.slickdevs.com
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